AUGUST 7-8-9,

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February 25, 2014


Today, we are proud to announce the evolution of Heavy MTL: HEAVY MONTRÉAL.

What’s in a Name?

Since the very first edition of the festival, Heavy MTL has been a celebration of all things heavy. From metal core, hardcore, all styles of metal, and hard rock, we have made a conscious effort to include a wide array of styles in our programming. In 2014, we continue this tradition and have made an effort to invite even more genres to the party including the best of punk and hard rock alongside all degrees of metal as seen at previous editions of the festival.

In and around Montreal and on the festival site, we have heard many fans over the years refer to the festival as HEAVY MONTRÉAL naturally. We believe that officially naming the festival HEAVY MONTRÉAL and giving the festival a fresh new look is a logical next step in our evolution, and communicates evermore clearly our commitment to our roots in one of the heaviest cities in the world: MONTRÉAL!


An Unwavering Commitment to Festival Excellence

We continue on our mission to provide an unparalleled festival experience to our fans by producing the festival at an ideal site just minutes from downtown Montreal; booking world-class artists from home and abroad; using only cutting-edge sound, lights, and staging; providing our fans with delicious and diverse food and drink choices; and paying attention to the most minute details to ensure all fans have the best and most comfortable festival experience possible.

We are incredibly excited for the 2014 edition of HEAVY MONTRÉAL, and can’t wait to bring our fans along on the journey.